Donations are always accepted and are not always financial.

   With recent major budget cuts most libraries are finding it difficult to keep up with patrons' needs. To compensate for the lack of funding, the Volunteer Friends for the Mason Library (VFML) must find ways to increase funding. One way is through our quarterly book sales. We will be adding new events this year; keep checking our website for updates. You can also help with a financial donation.

How can I help?

1. Donate items (books, media). Donations are screened by a library staff member checking for:

  • a desired item not already on shelf at the library

  • an item in better condition than the one currently in circulation

  • a highly circulated item for which a back-up is needed
Those are kept for library use; others come to THE FRIENDS, and we offer them at very reasonable prices at our Book Sales.

2. Donate your time. We are always looking for volunteers for our events. Please contact us or check with the library staff to see when and how your time could help.

3. Donate your ideas and energy. Our organization is always looking for fresh ideas that come from motivated members.

You can make a financial donation to VFML

We accept cash or checks. Remember that VFML is a 503(c) non-profit organization; your donation is tax deductible.

Ask your employer to match your donation. Many businesses give matching funds for each dollar donated by their employees

Thank you for your support!

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